Additional Sources and Errata (in first printing)

Additional Sources

Israel-Palestine: The One-State Reality, Implications and Dynamics,” A Special Collection of Articles edited by Amal Jamal and Ian Lustick, Frontiers in Political Science (2022-2023) Each article is peer-reviewed and freely downloadable.

Amal Jamal, “Jewish sovereignty and the inclusive exclusion of Palestinians:  Shifting the conceptual understanding of politics in Israel/Palestine

Ian S. Lustick, “Annexation in right-wing Israeli discourse—the case of Ribonut

M.T. Samuel, “The Palestinian human right to full Israeli citizenship:  Between settler colonialism and a hard place

Yoav Shemer-Kunz, “Israel Palestine:  Annexation, Normalization and the Two-State Solution

Oren Yiftachel, “Deepening apartheid:  the political geography of colonizing Israel/Palestine

Michael Barnett, Nathan Brown, Marc Lynch, and Shibley Telhami, “Israel’s One-State Reality: It’s Time to Give Up on the Two-State Solution,Foreign Affairs, May-June 2023. (A forceful statement of the need for a Gestalt shift to see Israel for the large and mostly non-democratic state it is. The authors are the editors of a Cornell University book The One-State Reality: What is Israel/Palestine? to which I contributed the first chapter.)

Hanin Majadli, “One Cop for Israeli Jews, Another for Arabs,Haaretz, April 13, 2023. (What policing in Israel will look like as apartheid is implemented explicitly.)

Nate Orbach, “Welcome to Simha Rothman’s Vengeful Coup,” 972, March 9, 2023. (A rare example of a leader of the judicial coup (chair of the Knesset Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee) making clear his objective to create an explicitly discriminatory apartheid-like regime)

Ben Samuels, “‘Vigilante Violence’ Is ‘Completely is Unacceptable’: U.S. Reacts to Israeli Settler
,” Haaretz, February 27, 2023. (Biden administration amplifies its trope of equality and democracy for Israelis and Palestinians. Violent extremists on both sides should be held equally accountable.)

Gershon Bashkin, “From Jerusalem: Democracy,Jerusalem Post (uncensored version) March 2, 2023. (Jerusalem Post editors ban use of term “East Jerusalem.” Bashkin argues for Israeli citizenship for all inhabitants of the city since Israel insists it is one city. Very useful statistics on citizenship applications.)

Ron Ben-Yishai, “Judicial Reforms Lay Groundwork for Apartheid,” Yediot Ahronoth, February 22, 2023. (Smotrich’s “final solution” (Ben-Yishai carefully but only barely avoids that term) for the Palestinian problem in the one-state reality: annexation, legal subordination of Palestinian inhabitants as non-citizen subjects of the Israeli state, “decisive” and brutal coercion to destroy Palestinian resistance and encourage emigration)

Anwar Mhajne, “We Arabs Must Join Israel’s anti-Netanyahu Protests Too,” Haaretz, January 31, 2023. (Urging Palestinian citizens of Israel to collaborate with Jewish Israelis to protect or advance what democracy there is and can be achieved instead of insisting on currently unachievable objectives.)

Odeh Bisharat, “Only Real Arab-Jewish Partnership Will Ensure Protest Success,Haaretz, January 17, 2023. (Restoring Israeli democracy requires full and explicit involvement of Arabs and Arab demands in demonstrations, not fear by Jews of being “stained” by cooperation with Arabs.)

Alon Liel, “New Party Gives Israel a Genuine Partnership between Jews and Arabs,” December 16, 2022. (One of multiple political developments in Israel reflecting the long-term fact that in the one-state reality the main struggle is not over boundaries but over equality.)

Udi Dekel and Noy Shalev, On the Course toward a Jewish-Palestinian One-State Reality, INSS November 10, 2022. (Gevalt! With the two-state solution gone, we must somehow separate from the Palestinians before the one-state reality becomes reality, but everything is leading toward a permanently entangled horrible binational state.)

Amir Ettinger, “Battle Over Arab Vote,” Israel Hayom, October 3, 2022. (Arab turnout as the most crucial factor likely to determine the outcome of the election.)

Sam Bahour, Over 30 armed Palestinians go on a rampage across Tel Aviv, September 2022. (One state, different zones of normativity. A brilliant satire.)

Ofer Shelah, “Your Palestinian Problem is Back,” Yediot Acharonot, September 6, 2022. (Will the warnings that the slide to the reality of a binational state ever wake up the Israeli public before it is too late?)

Or Kashti, “Tel Aviv and the Israeli Government Spar Over School Maps Showing 1967 Borders,” Haaretz, August 23, 2022.

Omar Rahman, Shrinking the Conflict and the Palestinians, Middle East Council on Global Affairs Issue Brief, July 2022. (The Micah Goodman scam to re-present permanent oppression as something comfortable enough for Israeli Jews and benign-sounding enough for the rest of the world.)

Tobias Siegal, “Top right-wing rabbi came close to endorsing Likud-led coalition with Ra’am” Times of Israel, July 6, 2022. (How Netanyahu and Likud were fully ready to ally with an Arab party in order to form a government.)

Sever Plocker, “The Danger of Israel Becoming a Bi-national State,Ynet News, May 5, 2022. (Still, still, still not too late to prevent the reality of one-state, and the ugly choice between disappearance or democratization.)

Taghreed Ali, “Palestinians seek Israeli citizenship in Jerusalem,” Al-Monitor, January 7, 2022. (80,000 Palestinians apply for Israeli citizenship. The future of Israel is the present of Jerusalem.)

A. B. Yehoshua endorses the one-state reality. Avi Garfinkel, “Why Did Israel’s Greatest Living Writer Turn on the Two-State Solution?” Haaretz, December 17, 2021.

Afif abu Much, “Anyone But Mansour,” Yediot Ahronoth, November 22, 2021 (Arab MKs strike deal with Right in Knesset to build a hospital in Sakhnin.)

Ben-Dror Yemini, “A Disaster named Stalemate,” Yedioth Ahronoth, August 31, 2021. (A right-wing commentator makes a dire warning: a democratic Israel for Jews and Arabs is on the way unless negotiations with the Palestinians for something less than a state can be successful.)

Bashir Bashir, “Interrogating Modernity and Egalitarian Binationalism in Palestine/Israel,” Contending Modernities, August 26, 2021.

Erez Wagner, “Jerusalem–from a city of urban apartheid into the gateway to the one democratic state,” March 14, 2021 (Leveraging East Jerusalem to highlight and develop the one-state reality.)

Diana B. Greenwald, “Does Israel-Palestine need any ‘state’ solution?+972 Magazine, July 28, 2021 (Thinking about changing the regime operating within the one-state between the river and the sea.)

Ben Samuels, “With Israel-Palestinian Peace Fund Congress Signals US Hasn’t Given UpHaaretz, July 28, 2021. Actually, massive funding to subsidize improved economic conditions, “people to people” projects, and the “shrinking of the conflict” which, regardless of the intention to support a two-state solution, effectively recognizes and deepens the one-state reality.)

Mazal Mualem, “Fury as Israel’s Lapid redefines anti-Semitism,” al-Monitor, July 19, 2021 (Holocaustia hegemony challenged by evocation of another part of the Jewish and Israeli repertoire for remembering the Holocaust.)

Eric Yoffe, “What on Earth Is the Problem With a Jewish Majority in Israel?” July 18, 2021 (Liberal Zionist attempt to defend continued use of the demographic problem despite Liberal Zionist reliance on Arab political support in the “Jewish state.”)

Tal Lev Ram, “Sharp Rise in IDF Enlistment Among Young Muslim Men,” Maariv July 19, 2021 (IDF manpower problems benefitting from recruitment of Israeli Bedouin who are now more responsive to recruitment appeals)

Rand Corporation Study by Daniel Egel, C. Ross Anthony, Shira Efron, Rita T. Karam, Mary E. Vaiana, and Charles P. Ries, Alternatives in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (2021) –Deeper than usual consideration of prospects for various blueprinted solutions as compared to the continued development of an “undemocratic one-state reality.”

Michael Milsthein, “Between the Shura and the Knesset,” Yediot Ahronoth June 25, 2021, Muslim Brothers/Ra’am in the government

Mohammad Ayoob, “One-State Crisis: Why Palestinians are Paying for Israeli Ambitions,” National Interest, June 13, 2021.

Shibley Telhami, “America must rethink its unique and contradictory advocacy of Israel’s Jewishness,” Brookings Blog, June 11, 2021.

Amihai Attali, “Bennett’s Mistake,” Historic Change in which Cleavages Matter, Yediot Ahronoth May 6, 2021

The Reality of the One-State Reality: Assem Khalil, The Matrix: Rights, government and daily life in Palestine (2017); and The Palestinian Authority: Unsettling Status Quo Scenarios (2016).

New Data, April 2021, showing greatly increased support for a government relying on Arab political party support

Data from Israel Democracy Institute, presented by Professor Tamar Hermann in her lecture at Northwestern, April 12, 2021.

Times of Israel, “Ultra-Orthodox UTJ Split over Potential Coalition with Ra’am Support,” April 4, 2021

Calev Ben-Dor, “Mansour Abbas: Islamist Kingmaker of Israeli Politics,” Fathom, March 2021.

Patrick Kingsley and Adam Rasgon, “In Israeli Election A Chance for Arabs to Gain Influence or Lose It,” New York Times February 21, 2021.

B’tselem on the One-State Reality: A regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is apartheid, January 12, 2021

Nathan Thrall, “The Separate Regimes Delusion,” London Review of Books, January 7, 2021

Three Pillars for a New U.S. Approach to Peace in Israel-Palestine,” International Crisis Group, USMEP (United States Middle East Project) December 15, 2020

Peter Beinart, “Yavne:  A Jewish Case for Equality in Israel-Palestine,” Jewish Currents, July 7, 2020.   A widely noted sign of the displacement of two-state solution thinking by one-state reality thinking.

POMEPS Studies 41 – Israel/Palestine:  Exploring a One-State Reality

Brent Staples, “How Italians Became ‘White,'” New York Times, October 13, 2019. A bracing reminder of how long it takes for a stigmatized population to be politically integrated.

Gideon Levy, “Israel’s Anti-Annexation Warriors Should Simply Surrender,” Haaretz, April 4, 2020 A veteran Israeli journalist declares the one-state reality has arrived.

Sources by Ian S. Lustick cited in Paradigm Lost

“The Peace Process Carousel:  The Israel Lobby and the Failure of American Diplomacy,” Middle East Journal (Summer 2020) Vol. 74, no. 2, pp. 177-201.

“Four Constructions of the Holocaust in Israeli Political Culture”

What Counts is the Counting: Statistical Manipulation as a Solution to Israel’s ‘Demographic Problem’” 

“Making Sense of the Nakba:  Ari Shavit, Baruch Marzel, and Zionist Claims to Territory”  

“To Build and to Be Built By:  Israel and the Hidden Logic of the Iron Wall”

“The Red Thread of Israel’s ‘Demographic Problem,'”

Relevant Maps


West Bank with Oslo Areas A, B, and C along with Largest Palestinian cities and some large Israeli settlements.

unnamed (1)

Israel and Territories Occupied in 1967, apart from the Sinai Peninsula which was returned to Egypt

unnamed (2)

Map of Jerusalem with Boundary in West Bank Expanded by Israel in June 1967


Other Sources Relating to Specific Topics

The Iron Wall

Vladimir Jabotinsky, “On the Iron Wall,” 1923, original Russian as published in the Berlin journal Razviet. Although most Hebrew and English translations of the article substitute the term “Land of Israel” for Palestine, Jabotinsky referred only to “Palestine” and the Palestinian Arabs.

Holocaustia and the Struggle Against It

Holocaust Survivors Advertisement in New York Times re Gaza Strip in August 2014

Annexation and Its Consequences

Yisrael Harel: Annexation with full Arab rights

Dynamics of the One-State Reality

Knocking on the Glass Ceiling (Arab-Jewish political alliances)

Michael Milstein and Avi Issacharoff, “The Return of ‘One State’: How ‘One State for Two Peoples’ is Taking Root in the Palestinian Arena

Yaish Breira” Petition to end Israeli settlement of the occupied territories and establish a non-belligerent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 350+ signatures gathered 1972-1973.

“Yaish Breira Press Release” from May 1973, accompanying submission of Yaish Breira petition to the government of Prime Minister Golda Meir.

Errata (I am pleased to report the errors listed here that appeared in the first printing of the book have been corrected in the second printing)

On p. 155, note 16 misidentifies the author and title of the cited chapter in the book edited by Ronald Zweig.  The correct citation is to Dina Porat’s chapter entitled “Ben-Gurion and the Holocaust.” 

On p. 68 of Paradigm Lost the Washington-based center founded by Kenneth Marcus, named the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights under Law, was incorrectly identified as located at Brandeis University. It is neither located at Brandeis University nor affiliated with it.

The last sentence on p. 15 of Paradigm Lost, a quotation from Vladimir Jabotinsky, is missing one word. It should read: “This is a natural reaction and nothing will change it.”

On pp. 70 and 170, the name of the author of The Paradox of Plenty: Oil Booms and Petro-States, Terry Karl, is spelled incorrectly.

The second sentence in the last paragraph on p. 110 should read: “Before coming to the United States, where he earned his doctorate, he worked as a journalist in Israel.” This refers to Gershon Shafir who earned his doctorate in Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley.

On p. 41 “1948” as the date of the first Israeli elections should be “1949.”

on p. 101 the date for the Camp David summit should be “July 2000″ not July 1999”

In the third line of the first full paragraph on p. 76, Yossi Beilin should be identified as having been a deputy “finance minister” not a deputy “prime minister”.